~ Color Analysis

Enhancing your image can be as simple as changing the colors that you wear. That change, along with grooming or makeup can make all the difference for men and women alike. Today’s make up and clothing investments are just as important as they always have been. Make every purchase count and have the confidence that you always look great.

tl350  ~ Color AnalysisColor Analysis (also known as color draping) is alive and well. We use a revolutionary color theory of color draping called Connected To Color, which begins with the traditional cool/warm and seasonal approach. We then consider the impact created by the color and intensity of your hair and eyes since these play a vital role in determining with color group you will belong in. Skillful use of color can help you create the image you want to project. It can also save you money.

The key to looking more vibrant and healthy is in choosing colors that complement your own, very individual, coloring. Visualize yourself in the right colors that always bring out the WOW in you!

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Personally You! Color Analysis
Cost: $175.00
*includes your Personal Color I.D. ($35 value)


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